Lots of Pictures I’ve Neglected to Post

August 7, 2007

So in the last few weeks we’ve done so many things that I’ve created three new web albums to hold all the pictures!  First of all, there are some new pictures in Kyle’s Eighth Month folder from our family trip to the county fair at Thanksgiving Point and our walk along the Jordan River Parkway, there’s a pretty good picture of Kyle’s bruises that looked like he was sprouting a little pair of horns!

Eighth Month

Next, there’s an album from a hike to Cecret Lake that Kyle and I went on with Karon and Ashlyn.  It was a great hike!  It was wonderful to step out of the car to the sixty degree weather and the mountain air.  There were also a lot of trees and meadows, it was altogether greener than anything I’ve experienced yet in Utah.  Sorry I ruin the pristine beauty of some of the pictures!


And lastly, this week is Discovery Week at Thanksgiving Point.  I paid twenty dollars for unlimited access for the entire week so it’s my chance to see what’s there.  Kyle and I went yesterday with Karon and Ashlyn and Erin and Bennett to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens which were awesome!  And we checked out the Discovery Garden too.  I’ll definitely be going back so Kyle can play at the Discovery Garden, and to check out Farm Country and the Dinosaur Museum, so look for this folder to grow throughout the week.

Thanksgiving Point


  1. I’m going to make a comment because nobody has and you haven’t updated in forever. I assume it’s because you are on strike until someone says something… so here i am… saying something. Your baby’s cute.

  2. I concur, your baby is cute, even more so in person. I love updates too though.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Maybe when you come out here this weekend you can update the site, Erica. :p

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