These Legs are Made for Something

July 25, 2007

Well, Erica has been bugging me to update this thing for a while now, so I figured I better do it.  Unfortunately, her nagging hasn’t made me any more creative so it’s more of the same kind of stuff.  Namely, a new trick of Kyle’s.

We took this video a couple days ago, and he’s actually a lot better at it already.  We think it’s pretty darn fun.



  1. Oh my goodness! He really is walking. It looks so funny because he is so little!

  2. In late breaking news, Kyle just climbed our entire staircase by himself. (Well, his father was making sure he didn’t fall and kill himself.)

  3. I guess Erica didn’t care much about us updating the website after all.

  4. for your information i have been at youth conference for the past two days, so i haven’t even seen it yet
    and now something weird is going on and the video isn’t working, so i’m trying to figure that out. i’m SUPER glad you updated though

  5. It should work. 😦

  6. or maybe it’s just a picture… just kidding. oh he’s just a cutey mcCutey pants

  7. Kyle reminds me of his daddy.

  8. Well, that’s a huge compliment for me. 🙂

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