More Tricks

July 1, 2007

You can see Kyle do his roly-poly impression or going commando.

A few new pictures as well.



  1. OK, it’s nothing like a roly-poly, but he’s rolling, get it? 😦

  2. I thought there was going to be a video of him diaper-less. I’m glad such was not the case.

  3. Then my clever play on words really WAS a clever play on words. 😉

  4. My children are all clever and creative. I am not. all I can think to say is he is beautiful and wonderful and talented and perfect. Thanks for pictures and videos. I love them!

  5. I think your title was more false advertising than a clever play on words…who thinks of “going commando” as anything other than not wearing pants? I agree with Tracy though and am glad for Kyle’s sake you didn’t post a nude video…talk about embarrassing

  6. Bah, you silly girls. Commandos crawl around and kill unsuspecting victims. The don’t prance around without underwear! That’s just a commie plot to confuse you.

  7. Now you need to put up a video of him crawling. So the world will know.

  8. We’ve had trouble getting a good video of it. We’ve tried several times, but he only takes a “step” or two at a time. That phone one I sent was the best by far. He did it for the first time Monday night, though.

  9. I thought going commando was no underwear… but still pants, in which case this title could still be true, but I think Kyle will make an excellent sniper someday. I’ve already submitted the video to ARMY recruiters.

  10. Pace is right, even IF you use the now popular term “going commando”, it’s not something you (usually) would be able to tell from a video.

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