One of Our New Favorite Things

June 19, 2007

Have you been following the 2008 elections?  Brad and I have been doing our civic duty in studying up on the candidates via Glen Beck and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  If you have been as diligent as we have, you may have heard of senator Mike Gravel, 2008 presidential candidate, and star of a delightful video that has become one of our new favorite things.  Take a Look!



  1. Everyone needs to check this out.

  2. Everyone can skip it… it’s just an old guy staring at the camera trying to figure out what a camera is…

  3. Um, not really. It’s an actual campaign video. Halfway through he walks over and throws a big rock into the water and then walks away. (I do recommend fast forwarding.)

  4. He just seems like any other politician – if you can’t think of anything to say – make waves!

  5. I think that was his exact message, Dad! 🙂

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