Come One, Come All…

April 25, 2007

…to the Keck-Family-New-Home-Barbecue-Wii-Stravaganza!  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Only people that know us can come.  Sorry, random people who have happened upon our site through google, since you don’t exist, you’re not invited.  But everyone else is. 

So, we’re going to have our “Yay we have a house party” this Saturday, starting at about 1:00 PM.  I received my birthday present from my wonderful wife yesterday, and so this may be your first chance to try out the Nintendo Wii.  We also bought a grill, so there will burgers and dogs or somesuch to munch upon. 

So, here’s the deal, if you are reading this, it would be awesome to leave a comment telling us if you will or won’t be coming (or at least that you acknowledge the party’s existence.)  We will then call only those people that we want to invite who don’t visit our website.  Thanks, and see ya then! 



  1. I won’t be able to come, but it sounds like a great time. save me a hot dog.

  2. When will you be able to stop by, Mom? I don’t know if we can save a hot dog that long. 😛

  3. Okay then, eat one in my behalf.

  4. Done and done. Now where is everyone else? 😦

  5. Can we have cheesey hot dogs? If you say no then you’re going to be proven wrong because I will bring them.

  6. No, we cannot have cheesy hot dogs.

  7. Count us in whether there are cheesy dogs or not!

  8. So, we’ve got Tracy, Nada, and Darin’s names in the Wii so they’re set to play. Anybody else?

  9. Joy’s comment must be sitting in moderation b/c of cursing the Wii… but we’ll be there as soon as Cahse wakes up from his nap. And Tiffany, now that you have a Wii in the house, you better set up boundaries

  10. I have to get clean and get checked out of my old apartment Saturday, but after that I will try to come over…is there an ending time I should be aware of?

  11. Joy cursed the Wii? Not sure what you’re talking about. I can’t see that there are any comments being held by moderation. In fact, I don’t think we even have moderation enabled right now.

    Cotton, no we don’t have any specified end time. We’ll just see how long everybody stays. You’re welcome to come whenever. You may be the only one if it’s too late, but then you might actually get some more time with the Wii. 😛 (If you’re even interested. I know how you prefer Sony products.) 😉

  12. is Zelda the only game you have? or do you have the sports game?

  13. I have to admit I hate that Brad called this post “Come one come all…” I might just be crazy but it sounds like Midieval talk like my husband is one of those people who play with fake swords in public places and makes chainmail for fun. And while I’m at it, I’m going to answer your question Cotton, we have Wii Sports and Zelda and Wario Smooth Moves(which is my personal favorite I think so far)

  14. Medieval?!! Come on Tiff, that was CLEARLY something from like a circus announcer or street salesman or something! :-O

    We got Wario Ware specifically for this party. Up to 12 people can play at once.

  15. a dozen people playing one video game! that is definetly medieval

  16. the sternum-punchers will be attending. and if you thought we were good at sternum-punching in real life, just wait until you get socked…virtually.

  17. in another matter of EXTREME importance, did you guys tivo the office this week? we went to dinner after my sister’s graduation and missed it….if we could watch it at your house at some point ye would verily be my favorite medieval people in the whole wide orb

  18. also, way to buy a grill! i think your decision shows maturity and wisdom, in addition to general awesomeness

  19. ok, another thing. why is your website in Pacific Coast time? because it is actually 12:30 AM as i write, not 11:30 PM.

    i’m done commenting now.

  20. Jaime, I would appreciate it if you could comment more.

  21. Thanks for the heads up on the time zone. I’m not sure how that happened but I just fixed it. We do have the office on Tivo. I’m sure we can swing watching it tomorrow. Of course we have maturity, wisdom, and awesomeness.

  22. Thanks for coming everyone! I had a great time; I hope you all did too.

  23. For being free blog people, that sure was a fun party. Thanks!

  24. I think this is the most posts I have ever seen. That party was kickin’, although I wish we could’ve spent a little time playing hide and go seek in the neighbours back yard…then again, I think Chase or Kyle might have gotten lost forever back there in the abyss.

  25. Ha ha ha, yeah, we should have asked our neighbors if we could go exploring. We would have had to borrow machetes, though.

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