Goin’ To Bed

April 15, 2007

So, a few nights ago I came in to check on Kyle in the morning, and this is the scene I was greeted with (notice that this is a link to a video).  Apparently, Kyle felt the need to escape from his baby carrier that he has been sleeping in up to this point.  So, due somewhat to that, and more to other reasons, we’ve decided that it’s time to ween him off the carrier, so to speak, and have him sleep directly in his crib.  Last night was our maiden voyage.  It could have gone a lot worse, but let’s just say that I probably won’t be super attentive at church today.  =/  Hopefully he’ll soon get better, though.


One comment

  1. He looks so pleased with what he has accomplished. good luck with the sleeping in the crib. It will eventually happen. Thanks for the video chat. He is the cutest cutest cutest.

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