We’re So Handy!

April 8, 2007

Light   Room   Washer

We’re getting into homeownership with the completion of home improvement projects number one and two!  The master in our house used to be green (not the kind of green that makes me think less of the owners, but still less than acceptable) and I’ve spent the last week painting it a cream color.  We were glad when it was finally done and we were able to move into our bedroom!  Unfortunately, there’s still some green around the edges where the previous owners did a bad paint job and got some color on the ceiling or moulding.  We’ll have to fix that eventually.  We also replaced the fluorescent light in our kitchen which made me want to die with a cute little track lighting type fixture.  Yay for home improvement!



  1. I like how you included a picture of me changing the plug on the drier, but then didn’t mention it! 😛

  2. It is so great that you are learning new skills as home owners. the paint looks great, Tiffany. I can’t wait to tour your home myself. When, oh when will that be??

  3. Psh, like you don’t take trips to Utah every other week…

  4. Oh, but we need to have a housewarming party soon!

  5. love the light fixture

  6. Welcome to the world of home repair and improvement. Just be glad your son can’t walk yet!

  7. Oh, what, like YOUR oldest son ever made you have to fix something? Right! 😉

  8. I love home improvements, too. I would love to improve something in this house every other week! But alas… not practical. The list never ever ends, for us at least! But I know how it is when you first move in and some things have GOT to change before you can feel comfortable.. That green bedroom and the fluorescent kitchen light are definitely the types of things that take priority!

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